Rickson Gracie’s “Hitman” Will Show You The Formula to Crush Younger Opponents With Ease By Learning The Simple Yet Forgotten Art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu As Helio & Rickson Gracie Taught In Rio 30 Years Ago

Original "Gracie Train" member, 54 Year Old Luis Heredia, Toys With Young  Stud Black Belts Using A Handful Of Easy To Master Concepts Helio &  Rickson Taught Him. You Can Learn Them Too!

Professor Luís Heredia has been a friend of the Gracie Family for decades. His refined technique and dedication to our cause, makes him one of the pillars of the Brazilian jiu-jitsu revolution.

Luis Heredia grew up in a very tough neighborhood, The Copacabana section of Rio de Janeiro Brazil, in the 1960s & 1970s. He fought in the street every day - not because he wanted to, but because he had to. That’s just the way things were at that time and place - Brazil is and was the machismo capital of the world. It was kill or be killed - if you backed down you'd become the target of even more aggression. So he fought in the street and sometimes he won and sometimes he lost, like most everyone. But Luis had an advantage that no one can ever hope to replicate - he lived in very close proximity to the inventors of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - The Gracie family.  

A Chance Meeting...

If 1970s Rio de Janeiro was a jungle - there was one undisputed king of it: Rickson Gracie. He was a chiseled 190 lbs., he had a the knowing confidence of Vladimir Putin and if someone disrespected him - there would be a fight and he would win. Folklore puts him at 400-0. Not even his own family members - whom he trained with every day - could mount a challenge.  
Ethan isn’t just a competitor, he’s also a trainer and the guys he works with don't get tired either. He's trained numerous pro athletes, UFC Fighters, Bellator fighters, and countless BJJ competitors. 

One day Luis was surfing and saw a wave he wanted to ride. He hopped up and went - so did the guy next to him. Soon after they collided and both flew off their boards into the ocean. Luis popped up ready to scream at the other guy and perhaps settle the score on the beach if the guy wanted. Well the other guy felt the same way! He yelled back at Luis and without even listening to the guy to hear his side of the story, Luis quickly realized that he had a problem - a big f'n problem. 
The guy yelling back was Rickson. Whoops. Even though Luis was known to have won a scrap or two around town - he would be bringing a knife to a machine gun fight against Rickson. He might get all of his teeth knocked out and have his arms and legs broken - it was time to quickly change tactics... Luis apologized to Rickson and as Luis now says, "Rickson was in a good mood that day..". Rickson laughed and invited him to the academy and Luis obliged. He became a student there.

Luis Begins Training Under the Gracies...

Luis began training regularly under the Gracies and their patriarch - Helio Gracie. The art was taught differently back then. Helio taught his students to first block punches to get into the clinch. He taught a lot of takedowns and emphasized them so all of his students were very good at them- good enough to take down Judo guys. 
Helio is undoubtedly rolling around in his grave disgusted with the modern world filled with double guard pulls and see-sawing for advantages in the 50/50. After the takedown, Helio had a game with far fewer techniques than the modern game has on the ground but they were probably far more effective. 

His Jiu Jitsu was simple - on the bottom he tried for the closed guard. Luis remembers that Helio said "the only reason to play open guard was because you forgot to close it.” Once in Helio's closed guard (or anyone from the Gracie Academy) their first option was almost always the same - the cross choke. Helio used to tap everyone with this: His students, rival Judokas twice as big, anyone really... it was his favorite move. If he missed it, or the opponent defended it somehow - it's a crazy tight choke - then he would take the armbar or the back.

Luis spent countless hours at the academy...

Luis spent countless hours at the academy learning from the first family of jiu jitsu . On top Luis' game revolves around 1 term - pressure. He concentrates all of his weight into one point so the opponent can't use his new school guard Would this work against new school stuff?
Back then belts weren't given out like candy like they are today. Luis had his blue belt for 7 years - that is training 4-5 times a week. Once Luis got his blue belt he met his initial goal: he could take care of himself in the street. But at blue he got some new goals: he started to love the art and he dedicated his life to it.

What do the best say about Heredia...

“I Trust Him, He Is My Black Belt, He Is A Great Teacher, I Highly Recommend Him”

Rickson Gracie, The Greatest BJJ Practitioner Ever

“I’ve Known Him For Over 30 Years – For Months, myself, him and Helio Gracie slept on the same mats” 

Professor Pedro Sauer, World Famous Rickson Gracie Black Belt

“Luis Heredia Is One Of The Best Instructors In The World” 

Gerry Costa “Kid Peligro", One of the most influential BJJ Authors

Luis has a couple principles that he follows

1. When in closed guard keep the opponent down and break his posture (yes he has some tricks to do this) then attack when his posture is broken or when he is trying to stand up - when he's too busy to defend attacks.
2. When on top make the opponent carry your weight and concentrate it into one position - this will make him think about nothing other than removing this pressure and will give you lots of openings with which to attack .
So, no matter where you are Luis' goal is simple... make your opponent uncomfortable to take his mind off the fundamentals...then attack when he makes a mistake. 
This strategy - if you know how to execute it properly - will make you feel: 
Younger.   Faster.   Stronger.
To your opponents. It makes them worse. It works the same way a strong pass rush in football or a full court press in basketball makes an opponent worse - their lack of time causes mistakes and allows you to capitalize. This is what the best guys do - the ones who have their moves recorded and put onto social media. Even if you are just the average guy in the gym now - you can learn to be great. Being great in BJJ - the guy who everyone in the gym tells their friends about, the guy the teacher tells other teachers about - is a skill… and you can learn it. Luis can show you the tricks how- just as he learned from Rickson and Helio.

Concepts Not Positions: You Haven't Seen Jiu Jitsu Taught This Way

When Luis teaches he doesn't resemble other BJJ instructors - he wants you to understand why something works. He explains sequences - the moves are really secondary. If he gets to the cross side he secures the position. In this DVD series “Pure Jiu Jitsu” he might show 4-5 options to finish (and they all work) but his true emphasis is on the pressure that will keep them there and allow an easy finish. The instruction is very different from what you've seen before but the spectacular results are different too.

So what's included?


- Cross Choke From Closed Guard- “Can Opener” Defense + Counter- Defense for Ezequiel in the Closed Guard- Kesa Gatame Prevention, Attacks and Escapes - The Paper Cutter Choke Setups and Counterattacks


- Concept of Weight Distribution on Side Control - The Real Knee on Belly - Submission Series From Knee on Belly - Choke Details to Double Effectiveness - Knee on Belly Double Attack: Arm Bar + Choke - Submission Series From the Side Control - Straight Cross Choke From the Mount - Choke Defenses


- Cross Choke From the Knee on Belly Defense - Amassa Pão (Thrusting Choke) Counters - Closed Guard Concepts - Closed Guard Double Attack - Cross Choke Counter with Amassa Pão


- Counterattack for Cross Choke Defense - The Dirty Feet Drill - Passing the Sitting Guard & Guard Passing Concepts - Preventing and Passing the De La Riva Guard - Passing the Spider Lasso Guard - Passing the Spider Guard

How much is it?

Well, what is it worth to figure out the secrets of the original art of jiu jitsu – taught by the man known as “Hickson’s Hitman” - the secrets that will allow you to grow your game by leaps and bounds? 
This is one of the most groundbreaking programs on the market. Renowned competitor and coach Luis Heredia is going to draw back the curtain and let you in on the secrets he’s perfected through the years.   We’d ask how much do you think it would cost to get a personal instructional from Heredia but we won’t bother – but it’s nearly impossible to get a one-on-one from him.   So again, how much would you expect to pay for this kind of learning experience?   We could easily have charged $197 and it would have been a bargain. But we’re not going to do that.   Instead, cut that price by more than 60%! That’s right…   You can get Luis Heredia’s Pure Jiu Jitsu - in which he reveals all his secrets – for just… $77
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